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*Some of the "intro" anecdotes below are from the Nineveh support group, and
designed to inspire people to speak out. Names have been
changed or removed out of respect for Nineveh members.

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Aircraft Mechanic (Name withheld by request)
March 2002

Because there is a war in progress and my specialty is critical, my enlistment has been extended by seven months. This means that I will be discharged from the Air National Guard and my Federal Civil Service Position, simultaneously in May of 2003. I have kept very good records. If you are still interested after reading this, I document this as a final chapter to my 25 year military career.

I allege reprisal action against me, by my employer, for asking questions concerning hiring practices of the Nebraska Air National Guard. My question was, and still is, "What is the skill-level requirement for a full-time technician to be permanently appointed to a shop supervisor position?" As of 12 Sept 2001, as evidenced by correspondence with Senator Fred Thompson, this question is currently before the Deputy Inspector General of the Department of Defense, Robert Lieberman.

1) When I first asked this question in late 1998, management did not have the knowledge to answer my question.

2) I up channeled my question to the Functional Training Manager of the National Guard Bureau. Three months later, (March 1999) I was severely counseled by a four-member management team. The implied threat of continued employment was made. The counseling became so uncomfortable, that I had to request union representation 3 times. They still could not answer my question.

3) The 155th Air Refueling Wing (ARW) Commander directed an investigation into my allegations of possible illegal hiring practices of the full-time workforce, and harassment experienced by me for asking questions. By reading the findings of the investigation, dated 18 May 2000, it is clear that the sworn testimony of a Chief Master Sergeant (WS-14) differed from that of the three others. However, the harassment investigation ended at that point with no corrective action taken. Also, my question was still unanswered.

4) On 6 Sept 2000, I sent an E-mail to Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. I had interviewed for a shop supervisor position that would have placed me in the identical situation that I believe to be illegal. My message was forwarded to the Command Chief Master Sergeant of the ANG. Following this action, I was again counseled, only this time, there was mention of mental evaluation and the implied threat that no one would hire me for an advanced position if I keep this up. My question was, and still is, unanswered.

5) On 13 October 2001, I captured on mini-cassette tape, MSGT Richard Frerichs, confirming to me that I am on the "black list" for promotions and future job vacancies because of my continuous quest to find the answer to my question. (Transcript is available).

6) On 29 November, my immediate supervisor made the following statement to me. "Bill: Just - Things with you in the past. With the investigations that have gone on and things. We're not supposed to retaliate against you. Some of the stuff that came out of that meeting because I was there. I was a part of all that and that's what we were =
directed by the commander. So, the easy way to go that way instead of retention because retention would probably just be something that would be looked upon real hard. Where as, if it's ETS (Expiration Term of Service) you go, no squabbles on that. It's the commander's decision.

I am aware that there are several issues here. Among them are, Reprisals, Unfair Labor Practice, Failure of the Union to Represent, etc. I am being flaunted by management as an example of what becomes of those who ask questions. If my tape recordings are admissible, I have the opportunity to restore a quality atmosphere to the Nebraska Air
National Guard and reverse the downward trend in mission readiness. Now that we are at war, it is ironic that my Boss is afraid to go overseas in a military status because he lacks the technical knowledge required of the position.

By the way, I know the answer to my question now. The National Guard Bureau answer and explanation is unsupported by current regulatory guidance. On 14 March 2001, I filed a DA Form 2028 to update the regulations. Their intention is to outlast me! The end result is that our military readiness suffers.

December 5, 2000

(*Submitted to web site in May 2002)

State of California
C/O A.P. - Deputy Labor Commissioner II
PO Box 420603
San Francisco, Ca., 94142


Dear Mr. P.......,

Thank you for responding to my letter of August 25, 2000. I believe there are some pertinent facts that need further developing that were not fully expressed in my first letter. I firmly believe your department has an obligation to investigate and cure an un-safe worrying condition at the City of Santa Barbara.

Thank you for including the Labor Code sections of which your department is responsible for enforcing. As I read your letter and Labor Code 6306, it is apparent that your department is clearly responsible for enforcing and encouraging a work environment that is "safe' and "healthy" and to provide a work environment that is free from danger to life, safety, or health of employees as the nature of employment reasonably permits.

I hope that my additional comments and information encourage you to look further into this situation. In short, that I was working in a environment that was unsafe and un-healthful. (a toxic work environment) that my employer had notice of this toxic work environment and continued to practice and act in a manner that perpetuated unhealthful
practice(s) (violation of good faith business practices and willful negligence) that my employer refused to investigate my complaint ( title VII civil right violation) that there were methods and manners that my employer could have implemented to rectify the unsafe working conditions but chose not too (willful negligence), that my employer purposely and with malice allowed a vindictive manager to harass me (intentional infliction of emotional distress); that all of the above have caused me ill health (depression, anxiety, reduction of immune system, stress headaches, indigestion, weight swings, heart palpitations, PTSD, danger to life); that a un-healthful work environment which causes undue stress, and ultimately ill health, to an employee is equivalent to a work environment in which an employee is subjected to toxic chemicals or unsafe working conditions such as lack of safe guards when operating machinery (toxic work environment); that an un-healthful and un-safe working environment was perpetuated by my employer in the same way an employer: ignores safety complaints related to unsafe machinery, lacks protection or inadequate protection when employees work with hazardous chemicals, uses and practices good faith in business and common sense to anticipate and provide the tools, equipment and training necessary to work in the safest environment possible. (egregious and willful negligence); that the situation I am in reporting falls with in the California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973 via specific language and via the "spirit of this law".

The specific incidents which caused and perpetuated the stress were:

--Placing a written reprimand in my file with out ever giving it to me

--Delaying and holding my 1999 evaluation over my head for 5 months,

--Not indicating that their were any work performance problems through out the year and then giving an evaluation with the lowest score received in 12 years as a supervisor, manager harassing and yelling at me for a mistake he made, then writing me up for (above mentioned written reprimand) leaving the meeting and refusing to be yelled at.

--Dropping a Notice to Suspend on my desk and abruptly leaving (clearly not following the cities policy manual regarding discipline measures and missed a day of work because of this)

--Subjecting me to tolerate racist comments made at staff meetings.

--Accusing me of abusing sick leave for myself and my daughter with no substantiating information.

--Extending a 3 day suspension to 5 days with no accompanying reason

--Maliciously and capriciously manipulating meetings to avoid my requests for union representations

--Directing other employees to harass me via hiding documents on my desk and placing documents in my in-box.

--Waiting 3 months to respond to an official response to a notice to suspend manager calling on the phone and being abnormally angry and harassing me regarding an e mail

--Manager refusing to accommodate a request for a sick man to be relieved of stressful duties

--The city claiming that it can take up to 6 months to file personnel papers in a personnel folder

--The city accusing me of having a personality conflict with my manger and refusing to investigate a harassment and unsafe working environment complaint.

--The city initiating actions to violate my families privacy

--The city ignoring and not responding to my request for a civil service hearing regarding the suspension

--A manager discriminating against me for a job promotion

I was working in a environment (toxic)that condoned and allowed harassing, bullying, and intimidation of it's employees. The manager and City acted egregiously and ignored complaints and requests to stop the behavior. These on going problems caused me undue stress. This stress caused me medical problems. I would not have these medical problems if my employer had not acted in a unsafe and harmful manner. OSHA is responsible for safety in the workplace. OSHA was initially charged with Industrial safety and has an overburdened work load, however psychological violence can and does lead to industrial accidents. The economy has changed from an Industrial base to an Information based-society. An emotionally or psychologically unbalanced worker is un-safe to themselves, their co-workers and the public they serve.

All in all, there are some pertinent conclusions in which your =
department should/must consider:

1. Stress causes ill health

2. A tyrannical , dictorial, fearfull boss is not a new phenomena in the workplace

3. George E. Gerth has clearly acted egregiously and has on more than one well documented occasion harassed me and has acted with text book certainty via current guidelines and descriptions of a bullying boss. He has perpetuated a stressful, toxic work environment.

4. The City of Santa Barbara has ignored his behavior

5. The City of Santa Barbara became a partner and condoned his behavior

6. It is not the targets fault that they have been victimized.

7. These acts by Manger George Gerth are not only not necessary, they costs employees their health and are in efficient to the work place in economic terms.

8. If the City and George Gerth can not be professional with their behavior and provide a safe and healthful work environment, a government agency such as yours is clearly charged with and must mandate compliance to existing laws and labor codes.

9. Psychological violence in the workplace can and does erupt into physical violence

It has become apparent to me, after some research, that I am not the only employee in the State of California to have these experiences. I hope we employees can count on your department to follow through with its charged duties ; those specifically called for, those strongly affiliated and linked with, and those that fall with in the 'spirit of the law" that empowers your actions. I imagine that your department is overburdened with work, however I do feel that this is an issue that needs addressing.

I have more detailed documents if you need or request any further clarifications.

Thank you.



cc., Tony Strickland; Assemblyman - 37th district California Legislature Charles N. Jeffress- Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health:U.S. Department of Labor Office of the Assistant Secretary Occupational Safety and Health Administration; Sen. Barbara Boxer; Sen. Dianne Feinstein;
Michael Enzi -Chairman - Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

From a telecommunications worker in New Zealand-Name Withheld by Request

May 2002

Thank you for running the website I was a victim. Although I experienced some forms of bullying during the school years, the workplace bullying I experienced seemed more vicious. I worked at TNZ, a big company that has control over most communications network and information that passes through them. An irony is that I was fooled by the firm's public image: They host a website in collaboration with the police. I was their shareholder (in addition to being an employee), thinking I could work hard to provide and create the best service and value to customers and shareholders. However, the bullies inside somehow have been placed in higher ranking positions, and they are not genuine. They abused their power and destroy people. (In my case) I ended up working hard and saving them millions of dollars only to be trashed by some people in senior positions. It was quite scary because now Ii have fed a big monster with huge resources and corporate lawyers to either keep me silent or bully me, or intrude into people's lifes as they know so much about you, or who you called.





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