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Listed below are several established chatrooms for people who have endured the struggle, indignities, injustices and pain of bullying--and live to tell the tale. These chatrooms are great sources of information, inspiration, contemplation, meditation, and reassurance you are not alone. If you are aware of other chatrooms and want to share the wealth, submit the URL's and other information to

NEW Yahoo Target Support Group-January 2003

(*Due to increased work and my struggle to regain financial control of my life, some updates may have been missed, so feel free to to resend what you want included in the web site. Thanks agian for your understanding.)

By the way, I enjoy the information (on the site) and I've been on the receiving end of workplace bullying on more than one occasion. It's funny how competent people tend to end up as targets and how companies let these idiot bullies into decision making roles. I walked off a project last year because of a bully, and I let every one of the decision makers know exactly what she was doing. I don't know if any good came of it. However, I was fortunate to have other projects going.

bullyonline · Practical advice, insight and information for dealing with and recovering from workplace bullying, created and organized by Tim Field, the respected anti-bully expert and activist from the United Kingdom.

"The world's leading forum on tackling bullying is open to all and the aim is to provide validation and re-empowerment for those who have suffered work abuse or bullying anywhere.

The focus is on identifying, exposing and dealing with the serial bully who is often an unrecognised sociopath. We also discuss how bullying, harassment and abuse cause stress and injury to health, including psychiatric injury, trauma and PTSD. Healing and recovery from bullying, harassment and abuse are also discussed. Humour is a feature of the forum, and may be quirky at times." - Tim Field

Nineveh-A Yahoo-based workplace target support group

"Nineveh is a support group for targets of workplace bullying and/or mobbing and those in toxic work environments. Its purpose is to validate the target and offer practical suggestions and guidance in the fight against work abuse. Nineveh is a US based group, but all are welcome on this forum."

Emotionally Abused Women--Online conference transcript (2000?)

This conversation was generated by Beverly Engel, a marriage and family therapist. She recently conducted an online discussion with to discuss the emotional abuse of women, how to stand up to an abusive partner, get out of an abusive relationship, and deal with emotional abuse in the workplace.

BULLIED- The most private and protected chatroom around. For those who still choose to address their pain in a private, safe setting.

"This community is a "secure" environment committed to the elimination of workplace bullying. Unlike some groups, what you say in BULLIED will not be seen by anyone but the members. A brief description of who you are will be requested by the moderator. This is to protect our members. There is also an area for general chat amongst members and this is located at The purpose of "private" is to ensure that chat and serious topics do not interfere with each other."

bullyingactiongroup - "Community group that offers support,education and advocacy against bullying"

Kathy Noll/Dr. Jay Carter (put up at Ms. Noll's request)-"Taking the Bully by the Horns"
Offers information on how you can coordiate workshops and speaking engagements with them. They are also working with the producers of several TV shows and are in need of stories. If you'd like to be included, please submit them to us. (Details on this at their web site as well.)


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