Great Books: Words to Live By

Some of the best books on bullies and targets around.
Here are a few titles to get you started, and address the many questions that begin with "Why?"

The Bully At Work. What You Can Do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Dignity On The Job -- Drs. Gary & Ruth Namie, (May 2000) -The landmark U.S. sourcebook/survival guide for workplace targets. I found this read illuminating, and painful at times since it forced me to examine the habits, family issues and personality traits that define a target.

Bullying at Work: How to Confront and Overcome it. Andrea Adams with Neil Crawford, Virago, 1992, ISBN 1-85381-542-X. Andrea Adams was a British Journalist credited for creating Britain's first, groundbreaking book on the workplace bullying phenomenon. The revealing work of Adams, who died in 1995, lives on through The Andrea Adams Trust, the first national (U.K.) charity dedicated to the welfare of workplace vicimization.

Bully In Sight (UK), Tim Field, Success Unlimited, 1996, ISBN 0-9529121-0-4. Foreword by Diana Lamplugh OBE. A moving, informative and (frankly) mind-blowing treatment of the problem by target-turned-authority which validates the experience of bullying, identifies the serial bully, and describes the injury to health caused by bullying and harassment.

Disgruntled, Daniel S. Levine, A Berkley Boulevard Book, 1998. Based on the great, discontinued web magazine by Levine, there are lots stories and law suits that will make you realize you are not alone. Levine's deft, razor-sharp commentary at once angers and enlightens. Prepare to get very, very angry as chapters go by.

What Would Machiavelli Do?--The Ends Justify the Meanness, Stanley Bing, Harper Business, 2001. Did you ever wonder what your abusive boss was thinking when he hired you, handled you and fired you? There could be some clues here, even if the book's purpose is to teach you how to think like Machiavelli rather than object to his actions.

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