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When you told people what you wanted to be when you grew up, becoming a "target" was probably not part of the plan. You know you've done everything right in your life. There are many who share your frustration. Some of them took the initiative to write books and web sites.

Tim Field/Success Unlimited (http://www.successunlimited.co.uk): The internationally-respected British bullying expert and author of "Bully in Sight" and "Death at Playtime" hosts an expansive, information-packed site with target anecdotes, book recommendations and other resources.

Campaign Against Workplace Bullying (CAWB)(http://www.bullybusters.org): A hub of info on workplace bullying, created by Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie, authors of "Bully Proof Yourself at Work!" Easy-to-navigate site thoroughly detailing the book and their services for targets and workplaces.

ENCYCLOPEDIA of MOBBING (http://www.leymann.se/English): Developed by Dr. Heinz Leymann, who pioneered the mobbing research in Europe in the early 80's, the site goes into detail about what it is and advice on how to recover.

MOBBING-USA.com (http://www.mobbing-usa.com): This is tailor-made for people who have been run out of jobs and/or careers by angry mobs, a la Frankenstein and the villagers. Check out the book, too.

The Andrea Adams Trust (http://www.andreaadamstrust.org): Check out the web site and organization inspired by the groundbreaking work of the late BBC journalist Andrea Adams, and see how Britain is setting an example on behalf of targets for the whole world to follow.

Working Wounded.com (http://www.workingwounded.com): With its entertaining, information-packed interface and irreverent sensibility, creator/expert Bob Rosner offers general workplace advice and much-needed relief from the daily grind.

Breakingranks.com (http://www.breakingranks.net) is dedicated to combating abuse based on rank of the bully--defined as "rankism." Spearheaded by Robert Fuller, "rankism" is seen as the root cause of everything supposedly wrong with the American workplace--indignity, injustice, and unfairness.

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