About the Author/Filmmaker (cont.)


I moved to Los Angeles in '94, where the pastures seemed much greener. The temp jobs paid more than the full-time positions I held in Chicago. Some were great, and others had bullies who had a dismissive attitude towards the work-for-hire crowd. With a "miracle" hire into one of the oldest P.R. firms in Hollywood, I eagerly began my odyssey into what would become workplace purgatory. Even when I loved my entertainment-based work, or was giving different industries a chance, there was a nemesis at every turn. I worked diligently to "put my skills to work" for them and to go that extra mile. I will spare you the rest of the details, since there are many people out there who deserve an opportunity to tell their stories of workplace intrigue, hardship and abuse-and the ways some of them have triumphed emotionally, spiritually, financially and creatively.

When I pursued the answer to "why?", I was given all kinds of interesting advice, from "make yourself less pretty," to "be a little more passive," to "don't try too hard," to "don't try to be a leader and a follower at the same time" to "go out to lunch and bond with your boss" (something I strongly discourage). I was also told by psychologists and well-meaning friends that I had al personality flaw that would preclude me from holding down any kind of job. And when I asked them to explain what it was and how I could fix it, they couldn't. On reading books by Chauncey Hare, Tim Field and others, targets are defined as people who are "dedicated, compassionate, wanting to fit in, kind, honest, trustworthy, committed to service, sociable, forgiving, intelligent, full of ideas, sharing, creative and likes to feel valued." So we've got a definition. If this is true, nice people are eternally doomed to finish last--and it's up to us to change the rules and tell the whole story.

This is why I am on a mission to expose the many faces of this reality... To apply my journalism, public relations and interview skills to something meaningful that will touch more lives than a movie, rock concert, trendy restaurant, eyeshadow or cinnamon roll ever could! I look forward to meeting the many courageous people willing to step forward and be part of a force that will open minds, empower and bring about change.

The indefinitely extended sabbatical from corporate life has been enlightening and wonderful. Through 2002 and 2003, I reclaimed my life and identity as a writer, thanks in part to the people who have helped me put this site together and to subsitute teaching and freelance journalism opportunities. However, I have not given up my ambition to get a documentary made on this subject (and 7 months into subbing, I once again faced a bully who attempted to discredit me with many incidents that never happened and two gross exagerations of things that did, two and a half months after the fact--but I made it through and am building two great resumes--one for teaching and one for freelance journalism for national and local magazines.) Needless to say, once more, I encourage you to continue writing in. -- December 2003

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