Introduction (cont.)

Welcome to the real world…or not welcome at all. There are many of us precluded from thriving and participating in it, because we have been singled out as targets. Being a target doesn't just deny you your right to job security, but to a retirement income, health care, family stability, and most importantly, your identity in society. You could have lost your job of 20 years or change jobs every few months. However, the pain and the injustice experienced through workplace bullying does not discriminate, affecting possibly thousands of people throughout North America and the world. It is my hope that this project will become a means to give targets a voice, use it to reclaim their lives, and become a catalyst for change...and that everybody involved will have a great time in the process.

During the 1990s, pioneers like Andrea Adams, Tim Field, Chauncey Hare, Heinz Leymann, the Drs. Namie and Peter Randall committed themselves to defining and redefining workplace abuse, gathering statistics and providing targets with practical advice for survival. Their published works and the continuing dedication of their constituents are testament to the gravity of the situation and the toll it is taking on society. And now, through the documentary and book, I intend to tell personal stories as well as reveal the realities of America's workplaces through their experiences and observations. Targeted workers are often labeled "expendable" by the current working culture, but their contributions--along with their management, peers and a variety of experts--will undoubtedly be of great value in providing the public with a better understanding of where workplaces of all sizes and industries go wrong.

We are creative, sensitive, dynamic, forward-thinking, team-oriented, and well-defined individuals. What makes us different should be celebrated and sought-after, not punished or abused. Let's get the process started!

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