Building the Bridge
Filmmakers, Crew, Editors, Agents & Artisans

The documentary and book are meant to compliment one another. Both will, ideally, be filled with compelling interviews of targets in interesting, personal settings that say as much about their values and individuality as they do about the workplace and the American Dream. The intention is to present vivid descriptions of modern workplaces at their most unsettling or unbalanced partnered with a strong sense of empathy for the people on camera (especially targets and management/supervisors). And, more importantly, fearlessness, humor and optimism. To balance it all out, we want experts who will "put it all together" for the viewer/reader. With people on all sides opening up and talking, we hope to shatter stereotypes and myths of what a target is supposed to look like and be like--and the unique, courageous things they are doing to change their lives and the worlds around them. We want to make viewers/readers get angry, laugh, cry and challenge their attitude of what constitutes the American Workplace and the American Dream.

I am looking to assemble a team/crew dedicated to capturing this vision--people from all walks of life finding creative, heroic ways to weather a maelstrom of workplace abuse, politics and personal loss. We are not only looking for a dedicated crew, but those who may have lived through victimization themselves, and can lend their unique perspective and commitment to this project.

  • Cinematographers
  • Sound Editors
  • Production Assistants
  • Script Supervisors
  • Accountant - Film Editors
  • Attorney -"Talent" scouts to find victims, bullies etc.
  • Interviewers
  • Proofreaders
  • Copy Editors
  • Production Assistants/Interns/Volunteers
  • Celebrity Involvement

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