Leads for Grants, Endowments & Experts:

Although we are working with local libraries, the internet and The Foundation Center and the International Documentary Association to research financing and other sources of support, we are open to suggestions that will lead to the following:

  • Book-writing grants (i.e. human resource issues, etc.) & Documentary Filmmaker Grants
  • Literary Agents/Book Publishers interested in colorful non-fiction book ideas and equally innovative marketing strategies.
  • Corporate grants & Corporate sponsorships (i.e. a "natural" cosmetics or food company marketing stress-reducing products, which in turn, can be worked into the film as product placement).

Facts, stats and professional input will make "The Expendables" all the more enlightening and fun. We would like to meet experts like you to discuss your take on the increasing occurrences of workplace abuse, what you are doing about it and what advice you can offer targets and workplaces (and their "systems" of operation) in turmoil. Call 323/938-5614 to find out more!

  • Psychologists/Counselors (Dealing with PTSD, ADD, Panic Attacks, family therapy, suicides, soand heart rendering stories from your side of the couch).
  • Financial Experts (targets falling into fiscal ruin; toll on U.S. economy, spotlighting companies who stand to lose a lot due to turnover, etc.)
  • Lawyers (Labor Law, Family Law, etc. Your most heart rendering cases - won and lost - involving targets vs. abusers. What do targets need to know to make the laws work for them, and what could they do to help bring about change)
  • Job Counselors (The most unusual cases you have worked on. What makes it difficult for you to help targets regain employment or make sound career choices? The most exceptional people you worked with, who built careers?)
  • Politicians/Elected Officials (Is improving the quality of life in the workplace for employees part of your agenda? Are you taking a unique approach to employee rights or union issues?)
  • Human Resources Professional (What is most challenging in terms of the decisions you make, especially those with generally good work performance records? Why is it hard to do the "right thing" even when you want to protect workers and keep turnover low?)

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