Building the Bridge
Taking it From The Top...

Hey, even Scrooge shifted his paradigm. To assure "The Expendables" is balanced and thorough, we are seeking managers, supervisors and co-workers to tell it like it is! This could be a great opportunity to present your side of the issue, explain the norms of your workplace and let your compassionate side shine through. Or, if you feel your actions or company's policy are totally appropriate regarding certain employees, we encourage you to present your point of view. We would love to talk to you if:

  • You want to change your ways, especially if you were affected by the consequences of your actions.
  • You went from being a victimizer to a victim in your own right...or vice versa.
  • You feel your childhood "prepared" you for your work life.
  • You immediately discovered negative financial or structural effects to your firm shortly after running somebody or several people out of a job.
  • You were part of a mobbing "crew" and feel guilty about your involvement.
  • Your company has an unusually high turnover rate.
  • You began your career as a victim and felt you had to develop ways to "compensate" for any possible weaknesses.
  • You admit you're uncomfortable around anybody who is a) slightly different from you, b) highly educated or experienced, c) ambitious and intending to grow in the company, d) anxious to be liked or fit in.
  • Were you a schoolyard target who once believed adulthood would be the "way out" of being a target.
  • You are a boss or co-worker who has been accused of bullying--but in fact, you feel you are a genuinely nice person who is acting appropriately to maintain the peace, the bottom line or the status quo.
  • You feel targets "attract" the treatment they are getting, and feel they need to adapt to the environment better, learn to "pick up signals," "not be so sensitive," feel their inclusion or exclusion is part of "Adam Smith's Invisible Hand" theory, that targets are the occasional mistakes made in the hiring process since people always "look good on paper," etc. What advice would you give them? We welcome your insight into what you think targets may be doing wrong and what they can do to survive better.

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