Building the Bridge
Getting on "Target" with Life

Once you've lost a job, you now have everything to gain, including a powerful voice against the wrongs you have endured and work systems that no longer work. You will not only empower yourself, but enlighten the general public about the problem and remind other workers that they are not alone…and deserve the same rights and comforts as their peers. We would love to talk to you if:

  • You have been bullied out of a career lasting many years or decades, or put up with abuse in one workplace for years.
  • You are a serial target who has been terrorized out of several jobs despite your undisputed skills and achievements.
  • You are taking legal action, and may be having difficulty if you cannot hang the problem on sexism, racisim, downsizing or disability discrimination.
  • You have been bullied by potential bosses at the job interview stage.
  • You have been harassed by a client, who may have had unreasonably high expectations and/or may have sabotaged you with your boss, co-workers or professional contacts.
  • Career counselors and other "helpful" people tell you are that you are "unhirable" due to your job changes, or the circumstances behind a specific dismissal, and that you should leave your industry or move to another city.
  • Your former boss or co-worker(s) have slandered you long after you left.
  • You have been physical or verbally abused by bosses or co-workers.
  • You are in a dire situation with finances, your health or your personal life. (i.e. divorce, homelessness, moving back in with family, loss of friends, etc.)
  • You have turned your life around in an affirmative way (i.e. become an entrepreneur) in the wake of your lost first career, OR because of your job difficulties, you have been encouraged to become an "entrepreneur" or "free agent," but may not yet feel ready to take that path.
  • You work as a temp (by choice, or otherwise) and have a) Been bullied to the point where you lost the trust of one of your placement agencies or b) Feel that people bully you because of your temp status or c) Find in your situation that temps are bullied less than the regular employees.
  • You want to share the ways in which being a target has made you a better, more compassionate person-and how your new career reflects this. Have you made peace with your former boss or co-workers?

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